21. ročník 2013

21. ročník 2013

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  1. SHALI STUDIO – A film production company
    TV Program “Irao”
    Director, cameraman, editor – Revaz Shalibashvili
    Three stolen days
    Duration – 14 min.

    “Inaccassible for the enemy, kings’ treasury”…
    They used to say the following: when famine strikes, Khvamli is to feed the country.
    Objective of the expedition – To ask the God for revival of Georgia.
    Cave fortress of the Khvamli Mount. The Georgia’s state treasure depositary …
    The sole and last account about it dates to 1259. Our ancestors, restless by nature or forced to be such because the enemy allowed them no respite, have carved it centuries ago.
    The treasure depositary is carved at a height of 45 m in the slope of a cliff, which rises to the height of 300 meters.
    Inaccessible and well protected …
    Here is an ordinary painting. Presumably it describes a hunting story. Image in the window is probably the cave fortress.
    The three stolen days suddenly flew by. No time was left for anything else.

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